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De Markten is a Dutch-speaking community center in the heart of Brussels. The accompanying café is located on the Oude Graanmarkt, a car-free square with cozy terraces under the trees. Parents can relax here, while their children have fun in the outdoor playground. The impressive façade dates back to the early twentieth century, when Val Saint-Lambert wanted a warehouse and sales outlet in Brussels. The building itself is mid-nineteenth century. In 2017, the café was thoroughly renovated. Among other things, vintage furniture, mirrored walls and an arsenal of plants create a pleasant, convivial atmosphere.


Café De Markten is an ideal place to meet people for a chat, eat together, work or read a book. The drinks menu consists of an eclectic mix of organic wines and juices, Fair Trade coffee, Belgian beers and homemade cocktails and lemonades. In addition to these drinks, Café De Markten serves sustainable food for the healthy flexitarian from a semi-open kitchen.

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